Scottish Eggs

This recipe was beyond my abilities. Seriously, it was the hardest thing I have made in the kitchen, yet every recipe I read about it was that this way of making eggs is oh so easy. Malarkey. First of all, a soft boiled egg is impossible to make without breaking the yoke or having extremely soft hands. That’s just the beginning. I followed the easiest recipe I could find, yet still struggled to do all required since I realized I switched recipes about halfway through – more on that later.



  • 8 soft boiled eggs – peeled
  • 2 lbs. ground pork
  • whatever season you like: 1 tsp. Italian seasoning
    • 1 tsp. garlic powder
    • 1 tsp. onion powder
  • Almond flour to roll the eggs in
  • 2 extra eggs to roll the meat in before rolling in almond flour and “frying”

As I stated earlier, soft boiling eggs. Now this was a whole other google search. Before this post, I did not know there was any other kind of way to boil eggs besides making them hard boil eggs. Not true. In fact, I found a very helpful table that clarified to me how long to boil the eggs for: Soft Boil – 3 – 4 Minutes,  Medium Boil – 5 – 7 minutes, Hard Boil – 8 + minutes. Now you start counting the minutes once the water starts to boil. Most would believe that to be common sense, but to me it was not. I lost a few eggs to trying to peel seriously undercooked whites and yolks.

Then came the peeling of the eggs. Let’s all be honest with our selves. Peeling hard boiled eggs is hard enough with a yolk that is fully cooked. Somehow, part of the white always end up on the shell of the egg – which in of itself is broken into many tiny pieces that you can barley grab with your fingers, so you rely on the flick it with your finger nail trick. Now, attempt to do this with a yolk that is very much in a liquid state and wants to escape out of it’s circular form. One pull wrong on the white of the egg and you have a yolk explosion down the side of your arm.

After about 20 minutes of removing the shell of the eggs, I took a break. I needed a brief moment of relaxation before attempting move to the next step, wrapping the fragile eggs in meat. Since I stepped away from my Pinterest, this is when the switching of recipes happened. I returned to find my recipe had disappeared (aka I had forgotten to pin it), so I found one that I thought was the same. However, this recipe was only more difficult that the first, because it required the wrapping of the eggs in meat, then rolling the meat in egg, and then almond flower, and frying the whole thing.

Let’s all take a second and re-read the statement above.

I could barley peel eggs successfully, the next steps seemed even more of a stretch, but I attempted. (Attempted being the key word). Putting meat around a soft object is very hard. Each egg took about 4 minutes. My patience was more than tested. After the 4th eggs, I said screw it. I rolled the four I had completed in the egg, then the almond flour and then “fried” them.  I call it “fried” because in order to really fry something, the object must be fully covered by oil. These Scottish eggs were so large, they could not be covered in oil. So I “fried” them by just flipping the eggs multiple times. Again cursing myself over getting splash with oil, constantly. I realized after this dish, no more frying for me.

The other four went into a cupcake pan that had the meat as the outside of the cupcake, and the egg in the center, with the meat kind of closing on top (aka the eggs was totally exposed, but I want to pretend that the egg was fully covered). This seemed easier, and it was, but not Scottish eggs. Not one bit.


Not an easy dish to make. But good. I don’t think I will make these again, but it was very filling and a great addition to a salad or with fries. Good for breakfast, lunch and dinner. However, too hard to make. Next time I will have them when at a restaurant.

The Nitty Gritty:

  • Total Costs: $20.00
  • Total time: 55 minutes (this does not include my break)
  • Serving Size: 8 eggs so 4 – 8 people
Again, Instagram – the reason my food looks so good. 

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