Back on Track – Not Just Crockpotting Any More Folks

IMG_5469Even with my long hiatus – 6 months to be exact, do not worry all – I have been cooking. Actually, my amount of time in the kitchen has increased exponentially. (Not sure if that is because I enjoy cooking more, or if I am just trying recipes way out of my league. Also after almost two years of blogging – I still cannot spell recipe the first time I try. I have to use spell check every time – #typical). I no longer use just one instrument, but I have graduated into some baking, and other cooking realms. Truthfully, I have not gotten any better at reading recipes, but I am constantly working at that. Aka. Reading.

Due to my free time around the Holiday season, with a break from grad school and a self break from work (aka procrastination), I will be updating this blog over the next week as much as possible to show you all how much I have improved over the past 6 months. In fact, I hope to post about 6 posts – 1 per a month I was gone!

Facebook feed to become flooded with me! Merry Christmas to all!


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