Meaty Chicken Tacos

I was lucky enough to host one of the teams I coach over for end of the year banquet this past weekend, and I decided to cook something that everyone can eat. We happen to have many vegetarians and individuals with food disagreements (some people have to have mini fights with their stomachs to eat, while others have full on allergic reactions). So this recipe is one that again after consulting many websites I decided to attempt by myself and I found it was successful.


– 3 lbs of chicken breast (skinless and boneless)
– 3 lbs chicken thighs (boneless and skinless)
– 1 packet of taco seasoning (make sure this does not contain soy, gluten etc)
– 10 oz can of dice tomatoes with green chilies
– 8 oz can of unsalted tomatoes sauce
– Dash of pepper
– Dash of salt

Now I don’t think I could screw up this recipe, and guess what… I didn’t! First I placed the chicken breast in the crock pot followed by the chicken thighs. The chicken thighs needed to be cleaned, as in I has to cut the fat off of the thighs, and then in they went in the crock pot. Then I added all of the other ingredients and let the crock pot sit over night.

Next I cooked the crock pot on high for 4.5 hours. I was worried that I had over cooked the chicken breasts because they did not break apart as well as the chicken thighs. So I decided to cut up the chicken breasts and thighs and I put them in a bowl and let the chicken and all the yummy juices soak in these fridge over night. In order to reheat, I put the chicken back into crock pot and the chicken was a huge hit at the taco night!


A big success! I even brought out the chicken for the next night when I had another dinner party over and it was again a huge hit. I ended up mixing the chicken in with some eggs for breakfast the next day and again it was delicious. This is a great dish that can have multiple uses!

The Nitty Gritty:

– Total Cost: $30
– Total Time: 5 hrs
– Serving Size: 16 – 20 people


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